Sample Course - Principles of Management & Leadership

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Instructed by Kristen Albert, Ed.D.
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Length: Can be completed in one to two 45-60 minute sessions

Format: Recorded videos, texts, articles, and interactive content

Skill Level: All levels

Program Description

This is a sample course, exemplifying a possible course in a Leadership Series for Emerging Leaders. Note the following features of intentional design:
* Self-paced
* Builds on learner's current knowledge and experience
* Designed to be relevant to a learner's needs and goals
* Content is presented in a variety of styles for auditory, tactile, and visual learners in mind.

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What are the requirements?

Openness to learning, internet access, computer with audio and video playback and recording capabilities

What am I going to get from this Program?

Participants will be able to:
• Understand distinctions between management and leadership
• Recognize how each person in an organization bears responsibility for leadership whether or not their "title" or "role" is a specialized leadership position.
• Identify how leadership principles are relevant to their work in the organization.

Who is this Program for?

Managers, supervisors, and emerging leaders

About the Instructor

Profile Picture
Kristen Albert, Ed.D.

Dr. Kristen Albert, aka Kris, is a lifelong resident of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA and is President and Lead Coach of Turning Points LLC ( Kris's passion is helping people engage life at the top of their game -- in work, in service, in relationships, and at play --so they can live life, fully satisfied. She is a trained coach and holds certification in Ontological Coaching from the Newfield Network in Boulder, Co., and earned her Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) from the University of Delaware in 2006. She lives in Lancaster with her husband Doug.

Kris's Racial Justice Journey:

About 3 years ago, Kris began a personal journey to unpack and understand her personal relationship with white privilege and implicit bias, and set herself on a path to help other white Americans of European descent to the same, and further, to declare themselves to be anti-racists, not only in self identification, but in determined and focused action. Since then she has developed an online implicit bias training entitled Intro to Power, Privilege, and Leadership for white people who are beginning their own journeys. Kris is an active member of the Lancaster Be the Bridge group, is a member of Lancaster Stands Up, and the NAACP. She has developed and facilitates Racial Justice Small Groups for the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Lancaster. And she is currently engaged in a 10-month "Racial Healing and Wellness Coaching Program" to continue to focus her growth, learning, and actions on eradicating racial injustice and creating equity and safety in all spaces within her sphere of influence.

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